About Us

The Fair Play on Fees Team Any litigation against a bank is difficult, let alone one where hundreds of millions in annual fees are at stake. The team at Fair Play on Fees bring considerable experience to the table in taking on tough opponents on behalf of everyday people.

Andrew Hooker is an Auckland lawyer who will run the case. Andrew has over 20 years of legal experience, and has specialised in acting for individuals in insurance claims against New Zealand’s big insurers, running insurance claim service Claims Information Specialists Limited. This is experience which will be valuable in taking on the other big financial institutions, the banks.

Slater and Gordon is an Australian firm which will provide project management and litigation advice to the case. Slater and Gordon have been helping everyday people with their legal needs in a wide range of practice areas for over 75 years. In this time, the firm has handled some of the most complex and widely publicised cases and class actions ever undertaken in Australia and the UK, including some of Australia’s biggest commercial class actions. Ben Hardwick, Victorian Practice Group Leader for Commercial and Project Litigation, will lead the Slater and Gordon team.

Litigation Lending Services (NZ) Limited is a litigation funding firm which will provide financial support to the case. Its parent company, Litigation Lending Services Limited, has been operating for over 13 years in both Australia and New Zealand. Having established itself funding general commercial claims, the company has expanded over the past five years and has also funded a number of successful class actions.

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