ANZ case registrations close 13 December

When your account balance runs low or you are late with a credit card payment, the last thing you need are extra fees; yet for years that's exactly what the banks have been charging you.

They're called 'exception fees', and you're charged them when your account goes into unexpected overdraft, you exceed your credit card limit or make a late payment. Even if the bank doesn't allow a payment to go through, they'll still charge you a 'dishonour fee'. We estimate that New Zealanders have paid the banks around $1 billion in these fees over the past six years.

Fair Play on Fees is launching cases against the banks to recover these fees on behalf of customers who register to participate in class action litigation. A case against ANZ was issued on 25 June 2013, and one against Kiwibank on 22 November 2013. We expect to make further announcements about additional cases.

There is nothing to lose, and no upfront cost. If you've been charged one or more of these fees over the past six years, all you need to do is sign up. Litigation Lending Services (NZ) will fund all the legal costs, in exchange for a right for them to be reimbursed if the claim succeeds along with 25% of the compensation.

To participate, register here.

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